A short continuation to 'in depth / Creepy Gothic Characters', ( Published in ImagineFX magazine issue 28 ).

When I finished working on this Image for the workshop, I was quite happy with the characters. As they turned out I was very much content to leave both Noa and her pet toy rabbit quite alone.
However I did wish I had some more time to spend further enriching the background, thus giving a better understanding to the world of Noa and her rabbit.
And, for this latter reason, I've further worked this Image after it was published.

Now - for those of you who are interested ? I thought this would be a description of the stages this Image underwent since the time it was published in the magazine.

Therefore I won't be giving an account , in this short article, of the early stages of this Image. For the full tutorial, original size image, and accompanying workshop files, please see issue 28.

(Software/Hardware - Photoshop CS2+ Wacom Tablet).


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